The Main Application Area Of Precision Translation Stage

- Mar 11, 2020-

The precision Motorized Translation Stage adopts Japanese Panasonic 100W or 200W AC servo motor and is equipped with high-quality elastic coupling, which can realize high-precision, high-speed, low-vibration and low-noise precision electronically controlled translation stage. The main material is prepared by special process. High-quality alloyed aluminum, through our company's unique precision grinding technology, guarantees that the straightness is less than 10μm and the straightness is less than 15μm per 100mm stroke range, making the overall quality of the series of Motorized Linear Stagesreach the level of domestic ling first. Product serialization High degree of versatility, versatility and convenient combination. It is suitable for precision optical experiments, precision positioning and precision machining of various scientific research and industrial users. It is an ultra-high cost-effective electric shifting platform product.

The main application areas of precision translation stage:

1. DVD, MD, CD related disc reading lens and writable optical head production and testing equipment. Mainly curved positioning.

2. Liquid crystal projector prism positioning and loading.

3. Optical fiber positioning, optical communication system products and testing equipment.

4. Liquid crystal production and testing equipment.

5. Semiconductor related production equipment and inspection and evaluation equipment