Measurement Of The Accuracy Of The Rotary Table Motorized Rotation Stage

- Mar 20, 2020-

You may not have heard of the rotary table, which is a kind of professional and compact mechanical equipment. So, what is its accuracy detection.

Standard turntable, angle polyhedron, circular grating and collimator are needed to measure the positioning accuracy. The measurement method is to turn the worktable around an angle, either forward or backward, and then stop, lock and position it. Based on this position, rotate it rapidly in the same direction, lock and position it every 30 times and measure it.

It is required to rotate forward and backward for one measurement cycle respectively, and carry out seven positioning in each direction. The maximum difference between the actual rotation angle and the theoretical value of each positioning position measured is the graduation error.


If the measurement is a CNC rotary table, the average position deviation and standard deviation shall be calculated by the method specified in the evaluation method for position accuracy of digital control machine tools. The sum of the maximum value of all average position deviation and standard deviation shall be subtracted from the sum of the minimum value of all average position deviation and standard deviation.

The result is the positioning accuracy error of CNC rotary table. In consideration of the actual use requirements of dry-type transformer, it is generally necessary to focus on the measurement of 0 degree, 90 degree, 180 degree and 270 degree right angle equinox points, and the accuracy of these points shall be one level higher than that of other angle positions.

It should be noted that for some machine tools, the existing positioning accuracy measurement methods of rapid positioning can get different positioning accuracy values when positioning with different feed speeds. In addition, the measurement results are related to the ambient temperature and the working state of the coordinate axis.