Meaning And Working Principle Of Rotary Table

- Mar 23, 2020-

CNC vertical horizontal rotary table is an ideal accessory for all kinds of CNC milling machines and machining centers. It can be installed on the main machine table in vertical or horizontal ways.

When working, use the relevant control system of the main engine to complete all kinds of indexing rotation work coordinated with the main engine. The worktable can be equipped with plates, plates or other machining parts with complex shapes.


It can also use the tailstock matched with it to install the machined parts of bars and shafts, so as to realize the machining of equal and unequal, continuous hole plates, groove plates and curved surfaces, and achieve high precision.

In addition, it can also be matched with non numerical control machine tools, and can independently complete the machining of equal and unequal, continuous indexing arc surface by using special control system.

What is the working principle of the rotary table?

The main working principle is similar to that of the common sliding table, which is driven by the servo motor and the ball screw nut pair, and driven by the nut. The cross sliding table is a sliding plate of the one character sliding table, which is perpendicular to the guide rail of the lower sliding table. The two slides are in the shape of "cross" from top to bottom, so they are called cross slides.

It is mainly used in machining centers. Compared with a vertical machining center, the one word slide can only do one direction of movement, but the cross slide can do two directions of movement, and can process a wheel.