How To Improve The Stability Of Optical Platform

- Mar 26, 2020-

Isolate the system from the vibration source: there are many external vibration sources, such as ground vibration, various sounds, etc. However, the most influential one is all kinds of low-frequency sources, which are mainly concentrated in the frequency of 10-100hz. Isolation of the system from these vibration sources can effectively improve the stability of the system. The air spring support with large damping can isolate the system from the vibration source.

The function of vibration control: assembling the system into a dynamic rigid structure can ensure the relative stability of the system, reduce the probability of resonance under the influence of the outside, and improve the stability of the system.

The function of controlling the static moment: the hard weight ratio of the optical platform has an important influence on its resonance frequency. A higher hard to weight ratio can improve the resonance frequency of the platform and reduce its vibration under external influence. Moreover, under the action of external force, the platform with higher hard weight ratio can produce the minimum deformation under the minimum weight, and increase the internal rigidity of the system. The optical platform with honeycomb supporting structure can fully improve the hard to weight ratio and improve the system performance.

Control temperature change: as time goes on, irregular temperature change will cause gradual structural bending. The key to reduce the temperature effect is to control the environment to reduce the temperature change. For example, avoid placing heat dissipation equipment under the platform, isolate heat source equipment and hardware, such as light source, flame, etc.