High Precision Motorized Rotation Stage

- Mar 10, 2020-

This Motorized Rotation Stage gives us new products customized for American customers. The customer is very satisfied after the test and highly praised us.

The Electric Angle Adjusting Table (Rotating, Swinging) (TRB-m) series offers a variety of angle adjustment solutions for various types of adjustments such as 360° rotation, small range angle adjustment, and curved swing.

The High Precision Motorized Rotation Stage is generally a stepping motor, and can also be replaced with a servo motor according to customer requirements. When the shape of the turntable is small, the 42 motor is generally used. The 42 motor has a handle size of 42×42×56. When the shape of the turntable is large, the motor is generally selected. After the handle is added, the outer dimensions are 56×56×70. . Both stepper motor step angles are 1.8°, and other specific parameters are available at the time of order. Motor drives or controllers are also available upon request. Note: For the motorized angle adjustment table with stepper motor, the resolution below is the value of the motor when it is running in full step. If it is subdivided by the driver, the resolution can be improved.