Common problems in Metallography

- Apr 07, 2020-

1、 What is metallography?

Metallography, or metallography, is the study of the internal structure of metals or alloys. It also studies the influence of external conditions or internal factors on the internal structure of metals or alloys. So called external conditions

It refers to temperature, processing deformation, pouring, etc. The so-called internal factors mainly refer to the chemical composition of metals or alloys. The metallographic structure reflects the specific form of metal metallography, such as martensite and austeniteFerrite, pearlite, etc.

2、 What is metallographic polishing?

In the process of preparing metallographic specimen, polishing is a main process. After polishing, the polished specimen can obtain a bright mirror like surface

It can improve the metallographic structure of the surface layer, improve the microhardness of the surface, and form a compact metal layer with wear resistance and fatigue resistance.

3、 What is metallographic polishing agent?

It is widely used in high brightness grinding and polishing of gem, glass, ceramics, cemented carbide and quenched steel. After grinding and polishing, the sample shows its metallographic structure more truly.

4、 What is metallographic cutting machine?

The metallographic cutting machine is used to cut general metallographic and petrographic sample materials. There are cooling channels and switches in the machine. When cutting, the heat generated in the cutting seeds can be taken away by the configured cooling liquid

Avoid burning tissue due to overheating of the specimen.

5、 What is a metallographic microscope?

1. With infinite imaging system, the newly designed flat field achromatic objective and large field eyepiece have clear and flat imaging, wide field of view and excellent organizational discrimination. Polarizing device: built-in polarizing and checking system.

2. The user can simultaneously record the image while observing. The CCD interface can be connected to the photographing device, digital camera or microscope monitoring system for quantitative image analysis.

3. It has novel shape, stable structure, and all functions are installed in the main machine of the microscope, so as to ensure the fast operation of the user and the consistent imaging effect.

What is an inverted metallographic 

The inverted metallographic microscope is mainly used to identify and analyze the internal structure of metal. The inverted metallographic microscope is an important instrument for metallography research. Research on the quality of casting, smelting and heat 

Inverted metallographic microscope can be used for material inspection or analysis after material 


Computer type inverted metallographic microscope (4xce): 1. Metallographic microscope 2. Matching mirror 3. Camera (CCD) 4. A / D (image acquisition) Digital camera type inverted metallographic microscope (4xcz): 1. Metallographic microscope 2. Matching mirror 3. Digital camera

What is the composition of metallographic polishing fabric series?

The metallographic polishing fabric series is composed of polishing layer, storage abrasive layer, protection layer and other layers. The most important layer of Zui is the polishing fabric layer which is used for polishing. This layer selects high-strength and different

The fabric suitable for metallographic polishing is made of wool length and cloth pattern.

What are the metallographic mechanical equipment?

Metallographic cutting machine, metallographic abrasive belt machine, metallographic grinding machine, inlay machine, metallographic grinding and polishing machine (metallographic sandpaper can also be used) metallographic corrosive metallographic microscope is used for observation.

What is metallographic corrosion?

It is to polish the metallographic surface with metallographic etchant, and then corrode it with corrosive solution to obtain (or strengthen) the contrast of image, and then observe it under the microscope.